Welcome to my site! All of you…

Hello everyone, I am Imrana. I hope that all of you will like my blog. I’m using it first time. And I will share my thoughts and amazing stories with you.

Dear readers, thanks you so much!

Latest from the Blog

HORROR (Story-time)

Welcome back to my blog! I found an amazing story for you so decided to share it with y’all! If you live in or visit a building without a thirteenth floor, this story is an excellent way to explain why the number isn’t used in the elevator. Today’s story is going to be AMAZING! SoContinue reading “HORROR (Story-time)”

The Weird Girl In My Class

When I changed my school in 2nd grade, I encountered this weird girl. Let’s call her… Myra! So basically, there’s a specific time limit to stare at anyone. And if they cross the limit and keep staring at you, then it starts becoming weird! This girl never used to smile in the class… 😂 justContinue reading “The Weird Girl In My Class”

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