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Hello everyone, I am Imrana and nickname is Iqra. I hope that all of you will like my blog. I’m using it first time. And I will share my thoughts and amazing stories with you.

Dear readers, thanks you so much!

Latest from the Blog

Our Diwali Party

Diwali is my favorite festival. On this day people clean their houses and buy new dresses. All the people distribute sweets. So we have also celebrated diwali party. Me and my friends decorated our room😉. All of us danced, made beautiful rangoli with colors and ate yummy food😋. Everyone had a lot of fun😁. WeContinue reading “Our Diwali Party”

The Beauty

Art by Imrana…. Hello! everyone today I post a cute poem on the topic (The Beauty). Please see and enjoy to read it. Thanks😁! One, two… All beauties are good too!!😉 Three, four… Make your beauty like a queen more!!🤗 Five, six… Ugly people can be fix!!😊 Seven, eight… Beauty is everything, understand it quicklyContinue reading “The Beauty”

The Pollution Monster (Part IV)

The Pollution Monster Story by Imrana Dear Readers, As you know that pollution is a big problem in India and India’s capital New Delhi where I live, I have written a story to spread awareness about risks of pollution.  The title of the story is “The Pollution Monster”. I have also made illustrations for thisContinue reading “The Pollution Monster (Part IV)”

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